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How much does Exterminators Prices cost?

The national average cost to hire an exterminator is $100“$170, however, the cost varies greatly by type of pest. Pest management treatments for ants cost $125-200 on average, whereas termite fumigation ranges from $1000-$2500 on average.

Extermination services include inspections, one-time extermination or removal, recurring services, and preventative measures. Service calls can address pest infestations in any area inside a home, a commercial building or outside on a property.

Exterminator Costs:

National Minimum Cost$75
National Maximum Cost$2,500
National Average Cost$200
Average Range$125 - $200

What™s in this cost guide?

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What is Extermination?

Pest control specialists help eliminate cockroaches, ants, spiders, rodents, fleas, ticks, mites, bees, hornets, wasps, mosquitos, termites and other creepy crawlies from homes, multi-unit buildings, offices and commercial spaces. Inspection, one-time extermination or removal, recurring services, and preventative measures are all provided under the auspices of extermination services. Service calls can address infestations in any area inside a home, commercial building or outside on a property.

Average Costs of Pest Control Services

Many pest control companies ask to see the problem before providing a quote, but generally speaking, some types of pest removal cost more than others because of size, the chemicals used, procedures required, and relative danger involved.

Pest Control Costs (National Average)

  • General pest control: $95 for 45 minutes
  • Bee extermination cost: $95 for 45 minutes
  • Ant extermination cost: $125-$200
  • Rats or mice extermination cost: $150-$200
  • Termite inspection: $150-$300
  • Termite treatment (chemical or fumigation): $1000-$2500
  • Mosquito extermination cost: $75
  • Spider extermination cost: $88
  • Cockroach extermination cost: $100
  • Wasp extermination cost: $105
  • Flea extermination cost: $125

Cost for Wildlife Removal

The national average cost for wildlife removal is roughly $475“$575 which includes setting traps, three follow-up visits, infestation removal and prevention of further infestation. Wildlife removal is an extension of extermination services wherein wild animals are trapped, removed from the premises and safely deposited back into the wilderness. Wildlife could include birds, raccoons or bobcats.

Cost for Bed Bug Extermination

The cost for bed bug extermination varies by house size and type of treatment. Here™s a breakdown of how the size of the affected area affects exterminator costs:

Bed Bug Exterminator Cost by House Size (National Average)

  • One-room bed bug extermination: $250
  • Two-room bed bug extermination: $300
  • Three-room bed bug extermination: $393
  • Four-room bed bug extermination: $400

One-Time vs. Recurring Pest Control Treatments

One-time visits generally cost more than scheduled maintenance visits, which cost less per session over time. Clients may sign up for ongoing treatment (quarterly, bi-annually, etc.) because they live in an insect-prone climate or because the property has had historic issues with infestation. Common household pests like termites, spiders, roaches, mice, rats, and ants are often the pests that need ongoing treatment.

Depending on the duration of the infestation, the type of pest and the complexity of the problem, some situations can be harder to remedy than others. Pest Management says that some infestations may require stronger or different chemicals than a general service treatment, and thus, costs will be higher. The budget can also go up if the exterminator has to use a ladder to reach high or dangerous places, and if treatment area is both inside and outside.

Tips for Hiring an Exterminator

  • Count up travel time: Most pest control companies have standard service areas and no travel fees are charged within those areas. However, for extremely rural locations or residences outside of the standard service area, travel fees to cover additional time, mileage and transportation costs may be incurred.
  • Ask for a free quote or free estimate: Because of the myriad factors involved in determining treatment, most pest companies provide free, on-site quotes to the gauge level of infestation and action required. This will give you a better idea of costs and the work ahead.
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