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How much does Magician Prices cost?

Magicians provide entertainment for corporate events, children™s parties, weddings, birthdays and other festive gatherings. Magic can be oriented toward playful entertainment for kids or more sophisticated performances involving expensive props, mentalism and illusion. Magicians can perform for intimate groups, as a strolling act throughout a crowd, or in large stage shows. Several factors affect a magician™s fees.

Age of guests

Magic shows for children™s parties may have a lower fee than events such as weddings or stage shows for adults. For example, Party Arts, which specializes in children™s party entertainment, charges $150 per hour for a comedy-based magic show for kids.

Number of people

Magicians may charge more for events where more people are involved, such as when they walk through a crowd and perform 'strolling magic' for small groups of people.


Large stage performances, suitable for big events or corporate parties, often feature elaborate magic tricks involving expensive equipment, which can increase the cost of a magician™s fees. According to Atana Magic, the average professional magician may have $5,000“$10,000 worth of equipment that they bring to small house parties and up to $25,000 of equipment for larger shows. Shows that require expensive props may cost more than smaller-scale performances.


The longer an event appearance, the higher a magician™s fees will be.


Appearances outside a performer™s regular service area can increase fees to account for time and transportation expenses. For example, Atana Magic has a 10-mile travel range outside of Fort Worth, Texas, and Randy Masters will include travel up to 25 miles outside of New York City.

Type of show

Magicians offer three main types of shows”strolling magic, small parlor shows and large stage performances. Prices can range greatly depending on the number of guests, type of show and length of the performance. Here are a couple pricing examples:

  • Randy Masters: $200“$950 for a 20- to 90-minute performance

  • Atana Magic: $300“$1200 for a 30- to 60-minute performance

Pro tip:

  • Book early. Great magicians book up quickly, especially during party season. Also plan on paying a deposit. Illusions by Vick charges a $125 reservation fee to secure a party date and time.
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