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How much does Door Repair Cost cost?

Professional carpenters or handy people can repair interior doors, exterior entry doors, storm doors, screen doors, closet doors and more. Door materials include wood, metal, glass or mixed material (such as a wood door with glass panels). Common problems that pros can address include problems shutting a door, opening a door, or sliding or swinging a door. Repair people can replace hardware if it no longer functions and update weatherization to better insulate the home. Door repair pros can also finish the door with stain or paint, as well as removing rust or rot if needed. Several factors affect the cost of door repair.


Door breakdowns occur when police or paramedics need to enter a building or sometimes in the case of robberies. Breakdown repair costs depend on the extent of the damage, the materials of the original door and whether the door must be replaced completely. Pricing generally includes labor and prep work to remove the old door or broken parts, restabilize the door frame, and more. Darrell C. Thomas, a door specialist in Evanston, Illinois, charges $350“$3,850 to repair a breakdown, which includes the labor and materials for wood, steel or fiberglass doors. The higher-end pricing reflects total door replacement.

Entry door repairs

The cost for entry door repairs varies depending on what needs to be repaired, how extensive the labor is and the cost of materials. Entry doors are typically more sturdy than interior doors. They feature hardware, and some are made of reinforced steel or have glass features. Darrell C. Thomas says his prices are based on whether plaster, paint, new trim work or a new slab door unit are needed. Thomas charges $350“$1,050 for labor (including prep work) and materials for entry door repairs.

Interior door repairs

Interior doors separate various rooms in a house or office and often cost less to repair or replace than an entry door. Pricing depends on the extent of repair work needed and the materials used. Pardias in Homestead, Florida, explains that for inexpensive interior doors, many of his customers opt to entirely replace the door instead of repairing it because it is usually more cost-effective. Here are some examples of replacement and repair pricing:

  • Pardias: $180 to replace an interior door”the average new door costs about $100, and he charges 80 percent of the cost of the door to install

  • Darrell C. Thomas: $350“$650 to repair an interior door, including plaster, painting, new trim work and possibly a new slab door unit

Door frame repairs

Splintered or cracked wood, torn off striker plates, doors that don™t close all the way”pros can fix all of these issues. Pricing varies, depending on the amount of existing damage, required materials and labor to complete the job. Exterior door frames can cost more to repair than interior door frames. Darrell C. Thomas charges $350“$850 to repair a door frame.

Hardware and locks

Replacing the hardware on a door frame (hinges, metal door bottoms, etc.) or the knobs and locks can add to the overall cost of repairs. Depending on materials, product grade and the labor for installation, Darrell C. Thomas charges anywhere from $80 to $480 to replace or repair a door™s hardware.

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