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How much does Furniture Assembly Cost cost?

The national average cost for furniture assembly is $120 “ $150. People most commonly hire pros to help assemble beds, desks, tables, chairs, bookshelves, entertainment centers, coffee tables, outdoor furniture, and playground sets.

Most professionals can get the job done regardless of the type of furniture piece and whether the instructions are available or not. Many furniture assemblers also offer pickup and delivery of furniture and disassembly services. Assembling furniture is a pain, so why not hire a professional to do it for you? Before you hire someone, there are a few things you should know “ let™s break it down (pun definitely intended).

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What Affects Furniture Assembly Cost?

As we mentioned before, handymen and furniture specialists can be hired to assemble just one piece or multiple pieces of furniture. Typical jobs include assembling bed frames, desks, dining room sets, TV stands, entertainment centers, dressers, outdoor furniture, and playground sets.

Several factors affect the overall cost of furniture assembly services, including an hourly rate or per-piece pricing structure, minimum fees, geographic location, and travel fees.

Cost of Furniture Assembly by Item

Some furniture assemblers charge by the piece, with a flat rate for each item. This type of pricing is especially common with Ikea furniture and other commonly assembled items that the pro can confidently approximate the time needed.

Furniture Assembly Price per Item

  • One item: $80
  • Two items: $100
  • Three items: $125
  • Four items: $130

Hourly Rate for Furniture Assembly

Many handymen and furniture assemblers charge hourly rates for their services. Therefore, the more time an assembly project takes, the higher the cost. Some companies charge for a minimum number of hours, so it pays to plan ahead and have multiple furniture assembly jobs done at one time.

Here are some examples of hourly rates:

  • 123Assembly in Chicago, Illinois: $75 per hour and the company will negotiate an agreed-upon bulk fee for larger assembly projects
  • Creative Magnificence in Milpitas, California: $70 “ $90 for the first hour, depending on how complex the project is, and $9 “ $11 for each additional increment of 15 minutes

IKEA Furniture Assembly

Ikea designs and packs furniture for easy installation. With tools and instructions provided, you can easily install a piece of Ikea furniture with little prior experience. However, when you™re assembling more than one piece, or a complex item like a sofa or bed, installation hours can add up and you™re left frustrated and tired. The majority of furniture assembly professionals are familiar with Ikea™s products, and can assemble your boxed items with ease.

Minimum fees

Furniture assembly pros may charge a minimum fee for their services. For example, a professional may typically charge $30 to assemble a nightstand but will charge a higher minimum rate even if there are no other items to be assembled. The minimum fee helps cover operating costs such as time, gas, transportation, and so on.

For example, Handy G Flat Package Furniture Assembler in Hillside, New Jersey, charges a $60 minimum fee for their furniture assembly services.

Travel fees

Travel is generally included in most furniture assemblers™ flat rates or hourly pricing. However, some may charge an additional fee if a customer™s home or office is outside the professional™s standard service range. This additional cost helps cover the assembler™s time and transportation expenses traveling to and from the job site. Handy G Flat Package Furniture Assembly charges a $15 travel fee for extra far distances.

How to Hire Furniture Assembly Professionals

There are a few steps you can take to aid in your decision making and to ensure that you hire furniture assembly professionals who are right for the job:

  • Determine your budget: Figure out how much you have to spend on professional furniture assembly services. Knowing your budget will help determine what pieces you can afford to have assembled.
  • Check out multiple companies: Not all furniture assembly services are created equally. Some companies may specialize in larger pieces or office furniture, while others may provide home services “ right in your own living room. Figure out your needs and shop around.
  • Ask for reviews: Ask for reviews to make sure you're choosing the right furniture assembler or handyman for the job. Even if they're less expensive, you don™t want to entrust your new piece of furniture to a company known for doing shoddy work! You'll thank yourself in the long run.

For more tips on smart hiring, see our page.

How to Save Money on Furniture Assembly

Hiring a professional furniture assembly service doesn™t have to break the bank. Here are some ways to save money on furniture assembly services costs:

  • Ask if there are discounts: Some furniture assemblers offer seasonal specials and year-round price reductions for groups such as military members, seniors, and students. It never hurts to ask!
  • DIY it: If the piece doesn™t look particularly difficult or complicated to put together, consider trying to put it together yourself to save some cash.
  • Plan to have multiple items assembled: To avoid getting slapped with a minimum fee charge for assembling only one item, plan to have the furniture assembly professional put together multiple pieces. It™s a better bang-for-your-buck!

Benefits of Professional Furniture Assembly

To most people, assembling furniture is time consuming, difficult, and overall a total pain. From frustrating and complicated instruction manuals to lifting awkward, heavy boxes, it™s enough to make us not want to buy furniture at all. That™s why it™s a smart move to hire a professional furniture assembler or handyman to do the heavy lifting for you (literally).

When you hire a professional, you can relax while your new furniture is being assembled and installed with the utmost care “ and even focus your valuable time back onto other things. To furniture assembly professionals, even the most complicated pieces come easily to them. Professionals also have comprehensive tool boxes, containing that wrench or screw that mysteriously went missing from the box. When you hire a professional, you can rest assured knowing that they have the right tools to get the job done efficiently. Not only will it save you time “ it will preserve your sanity, too.

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