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How much does Hot Tub Repair Cost cost?

Hot tub and spa repair services are provided by experts who can troubleshoot, diagnose and repair malfunctioning hot tubs and spas. These pros can usually repair swimming pools, too. The parts of a hot tub or spa that can malfunction include the pump, jets, heating element, blower (air supply) and, in the case of free-standing hot tubs, the frame or cabinet. Water leaks can become problematic as well. Hot tub repair service providers come to your site to assess the problem and work up an estimate for how much it will cost to do the repair. Some pool cleaning and maintenance services can also repair hot tubs and spas, so if you are hiring a pool cleaning service for the first time, it makes sense to ask if they can do hot tub and spa repairs also.

Hourly rate

As with other repair services, hot tub repair prices are based on how many hours it takes a technician to fix the problem plus the cost of any replacement parts. Average costs for spa repair nationwide range from $60“$120. Until you get an estimate, you may not know what you™re in for because services don™t always publicize their hourly rates. Pools charges $75 an hour for pool and spa repairs and can handle a full range of maintenance and repair work, including filter, pump and heater repairs; leak detection; and more.

Qualifications and certification

Technicians who fix hot tubs and spas need expertise in a variety of trades to be able to diagnose and repair problems”many of the same skills found in plumbers, electricians and mechanics, in fact. Common certifications for hot tub and swimming pool repair include Certified Hot Tub Technician (CHTT) from the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) and Certified Pool/Spa Operator (CPO) from the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF). Pool Doctor is a CPO and is also licenced and insured. It™s smart to ask any service provider if they have liability insurance.

Make and model

The type of hot tub you have can also affect the cost of replacement parts. Many hot tub repair technicians keep up with their industry by acquiring training from leading manufacturers of spas and spa parts. Pentair and Polaris, both makers of pumps and cleaning systems, and Hayward, an electric spa heater manufacturer, all offer professional trainings. & J Pool & Spa has experience working on pool and spa components made by all three companies.

Replacement parts

Here™s a list of average pricing for replacement parts (not including labor) for common repairs:

  • New thermostat: $40“$50

  • New high-limit switch: $20“$30

  • Replacement jets: $35“$50

  • Heater: $175“$250

  • Circulation pump: $200“$300

  • Jet pump: $300“$400

  • Control system repairs: $300“$1,000

  • Ozonator (ozone purification system): $300“$700

Some hot tub problems, such as leaks in the plastic shell that lines the tub, are catastrophic enough that they can™t be repaired and may require total replacement of the hot tub, which hopefully is still under warranty.


You can sometimes speed up the process of troubleshooting a malfunctioning hot tub by understanding what components make up your hot tub or spa. For example, if the jets don™t work, the water is not heating up, you can hear the pump but the water is not circulating, or you have a leak near the pump shaft, it™s likely a problem with the pump. If the water does not heat up, it can also indicate a problem with the heater. Hot tub blowers need to have enough power and the correct voltage to work properly, and like heaters, they may start malfunctioning after five or more years. When jets don™t turn, that may indicate mineral buildup from hard water.

Freestanding versus built-in

Service providers that repair built-in pool and spa combinations tend to specialize in that area. Robert Coy of Tub Services, specializes in free-standing hot tubs. In the business since 1984, he has worked on numerous systems and has experience with the common brands of free-standing hot tubs, including ThermoSpas, Jacuzzi, Sundance and Sweetwater. Service providers, such as Pools, Pool Doctor and & J Pool & Spa, that work on built-in pools typically can repair built-in hot tubs as well.

Cost-saving strategies

The best way to save money is to try to avoid a malfunctioning hot tub with regular maintenance and cleaning. You also need to keep the chemicals balanced and make sure the cleaning system in your hot tub is working properly. A professional can also suggest a good maintenance strategy for keeping your hot tub running properly.

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