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How much does Land Clearing Cost cost?

The national average cost for land clearing is between $1200 and $6000. Removing other land features such as concrete or tree stumps, the size of the land, and land grading all affect the total cost of land clearing.

Hauling costs for debris removal in general average $135 per cubic yard. Concrete removal can cost $400 - $600 for removal of an ordinary concrete patio. If the lot must have trees and stumps removed, you can expect to pay about $2 “ $4 per inch of diameter for large tree removal. Grading may cost $50 “ $70 per hour to ensure the clear land is ready for new work, with total project costs for grading costing anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Permits can run anywhere from $50 to $250 (or more), and if a land survey is needed, it will add another $265 “ $650 to the overall cost.

Many home improvement projects require some site preparation before work begins. While this may seem to slow down the more exciting work like building a home or planting a new garden, it™s important to do things properly at the start. Let™s look at the factors that affect the cost of land clearing, the kinds of removal that may be required, related tasks such as grading and locating utilities, and whether you need a permit or survey.

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What Affects Land Clearing Cost?

When building a guest house, barn, or home on a piece of land, or when embarking on a major landscaping project, an important first step may be to clear the land. Land clearing jobs vary in scope and cost, depending on square footage (or acreage) and the complexity of the work involved. Land clearing cost isn™t quite as simple as a flat rate per square foot, however, because every project will require different types of work, as well as different permits and land surveys. You can ask a land clearing company for a free estimate, or ask multiple companies to quote the average cost before making your choice.

How Much Does it Cost to Clear Land to Build a House?

Clearing land to build a home could cost anywhere from $1,200 to $4,000 or more. Clearing land for construction is much more complicated than clearing an overgrown backyard for landscaping. Pedro Narvaez of AAA Concrete and Remodeling in Marietta, Georgia, bases cost estimates for land clearing jobs on the extent of the clearing required, what™s being removed in the process (rocks, grass, concrete, etc.), and what type of land clearing equipment or methods are required. œEvery job is different, Narvaez says.

Hauling Costs

Hauling costs average $135 per cubic yard nationwide. Hauling away the debris cleared from a site incurs an additional charge, depending on what is being removed. Narvaez of AAA Concrete and Remodeling owns a dump truck and charges $300 per load to haul away organic matter, trash, or junk. Heavier debris, such as broken concrete, costs more because the landfill charges more to accept it.

Concrete Removal Costs

Expect to pay by the square foot if removal is required. Concrete in Portland, Oregon, charges the following for concrete removal:

  • Standard concrete removal: $3“$4.50 per square foot
  • Standard concrete removal over 800 square feet: $2.25“$3.75

Some concrete removal specialists charge a minimum fee for smaller projects, such as removing walkways and sidewalk and to cover transportation costs, tools, labor and other business overhead. Fuapau only agrees to remove a sidewalk if the company is hired to pour concrete at the same time. Concrete charges $1,250 to remove and repour one yard of walkway.

Tree and Stump Removal Costs

Expect to pay about $2 “ $4 per inch of diameter for large stump removal as part of a land clearing project. Tree stump removal entails removing the entire root ball of a tree from below the soil. This process leaves a large hole in the ground and takes considerably more time and labor than stump grinding. For an old tree with a large root system or that is embedded in very hard soil, stump grinding may be more cost-effective than removal.

For stump grinding, professionals use a chipping machine to grind away the above-level tree stump. The average cost for stump removal can range from $60 to $350, while grinding a stump down could cost $75-$1,000. The final price will depend on the stump™s size, condition, location and condition of the soil around it.

Land Grading Costs

Labor costs for land grading, or leveling uneven ground, average $50 “ $70 per hour nationwide. The average total cost of land grading starts at $500 for minor home-improvement projects and can go up to $2,000 “ $6,000 for areas over an acre. The total cost to hire a pro will vary depending how much land needs to be cleared, how severe the slope is that needs to be leveled, and whether you need to install an irrigation system.

Land Surveying Costs

When clearing land to build a structure on it, a land survey may be required in addition to zoning permits. Land surveys add another $265 “ $650 to the overall cost.

Who Is Responsible for Underground Utility Identification?

For projects that require excavation, a representative of the local utility company or the local planning office may need to visit the site to help identify where underground pipes and other utility lines are buried. To avoid disruption of utility service and prevent injuries, it is very important to clearly flag lines and pipes before lot clearing begins.


Some land clearing projects may require a permit from the local planning department, depending on the applicable zoning laws. Just as a building permit was required to build the existing structures on your property, you may need a permit to clear the land before new work can take place. The property owner is responsible for covering the costs of the necessary permits and inspections, which can run anywhere from $50 to $250 (or more). Ask the land clearing company if they™ll check into local zoning and land clearing permits for you.

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