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How much does Washer Dryer Hookup Cost cost?

Nearly every home today has space for an installed washing machine and dryer, whether they™re freestanding in the garage, part of a separate mudroom, or in an upstairs closet near the bedrooms. The cost for having a new washing machine and dryer installed varies depending on the existing plumbing and electricity connections, the location in the home, and the machines themselves.

Setting up a laundry space

The laundry space must be equipped with hookups to hot and cold water, a drain line, electricity and/or gas, and a vent. If homeowners are moving the laundry space within the house, such as from the garage into the kitchen, hookups must be installed in the new space. The installation cost can be $350-$600 in a space close to existing water, electricity and gas lines; connecting the space to more distant water, electricity and gas may cost $700-$2,000, depending on the amount of labor required. For example, adding a new 240V circuit for the dryer costs an average of $500, while adding a standard electrical outlet for the washer costs about $100.

Plumbing for a washing machine

To move a washing machine from the garage to an indoor laundry room, the homeowner must ensure the space is properly plumbed. A local plumber, such as G. Plumbing or in San Antonio, Texas, can locate a suitable drainpipe in the wall and connect the washer drain.

Installing electrical circuits

Dryers require a 240V circuit, while washing machines use a standard electrical outlet. If the homeowner is moving the laundry space, it™s likely that a 240V circuit will need to be installed as well as a 30 amp breaker. On average, this costs $500, while adding a standard electrical outlet for the washer costs only about $100. Like most electrical projects, this should be done by a professional electrician, such as Boyer Electric in Enfield, Connecticut, or Electric in Sunnyside, New York.

Installing machines

Once the hookups are in place, installing a new washer and dryer is a simple, straightforward project. Many appliance retailers include basic installation with the price of the machines; others may charge a fee ranging from $50 to $100. A handyman is likely to charge $25-$150, depending on how much labor is required.

Additional costs

All electrical and plumbing work must meet local building codes and, if a new hookup is installed, may require a building permit. Depending on the location of the laundry area and the extent of remodeling being done, building permit costs range from $25 to $150 or more.

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