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How much does Tennis Lessons Cost cost?

Tennis lessons are available for kids or adults as one-on-one sessions or small group instruction. Professional instructors work with players at any skill level, from total beginners to competitive professionals. Some people sign up for one-time lessons, and others seek ongoing instruction. Teachers offer lessons as frequently as students desire. Several factors affect the cost of tennis lessons.

Private lessons

Private instruction is typically the most expensive because students have exclusive use of the instructor™s time and expertise. In addition, the teacher cannot earn income from any other source while with that student. Instructors offer private lessons to students at all skill levels, but costs are often higher for advanced training. Here are some examples of private lesson costs:

  • Gym in Austin, Texas

    • 30-minute private lesson: $19.99

    • 60-minute private lesson: $39.99

  • Tennis in San Francisco

    • 60-minute private lesson: $50“$70 (average price for reputable private lessons in the entire area)
  • James Tennis in Pacifica, California

    • 60-minute private lesson: $60

Semi-private and small group

Students can save by pairing up with friends or family for group tennis instruction. Some tennis instructors charge per person, and others charge a flat rate for the group lesson. In either case, individual students pay less per person than for one-on-one lessons because they are sharing the cost of the teacher™s time and expertise. James Tennis charges $35 per adult per hour for small-group (up to four students) lessons and $40 per adult per hour for two-student lessons.

Kids™ lessons

Children™s lessons sometimes cost the same as adult tennis lessons, depending on the instructor, the type of training offered and what region of the country the lessons take place in. James Tennis charges the same for children as for adults: $35 per hour per child for a group lesson (up to four children) and $60 for a one-on-one lesson.


Students can save money by purchasing a lesson package. Many instructors offer reduced prices per lesson when clients pay for a number of lessons upfront. This bundling ensures future business for the pros and builds customer loyalty. Students benefit with lower pricing and consistent instruction. Here™s how James Tennis charges for various adult and child lesson packages:

  • Six 60-minute child group lessons (up to four students): $210 per child ($150 savings over purchasing each lesson individually)

  • Six 60-minute adult group lessons (up to four students): $210 per adult

  • Six 60-minute semi-private adult lessons (two students): $240 per adult ($120 savings over purchasing each lesson individually)

  • Six 60-minute one-on-one lessons for a child: $270 ($90 savings over purchasing each lesson individually)

  • Six 60-minute one-on-one lessons for an adult: $300 ($60 savings over purchasing each lesson individually)

Teacher reputation

Tennis instructors with high-profile professional careers, lots of experience, a well-respected reputation or former students who have gone on to become successful tennis pros may have higher rates than instructors who are just starting out. In addition, professionals in areas with a lot of local competition or a high cost of living may charge higher rates.

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